Digital Art & NFT




SIGN Art is a web gallery of Blockchain-Certified Digital Art.

ARTISTS have the option to tokenize their CREATIONS by permanently linking each to a unique Non-Fungible Token or NFT, and sell as a single or in limited editions.

COLLECTORS can use the platform to display their COLLECTIONS of NFTs, transfer or gift to any Waves account, and *sell in the secondary market.

The SIGN Art dApp is built on top of the Waves Protocol which executes instant transactions, with fixed low-cost fees. NFTs are minted on chain at no cost, with every buy request.

The platform requires the $SIGN utility token for Artists to manage profiles and creations. Digital creations can be sold in $SIGN, $WAVES or $USDN.

*Secondary Market still in development



Create a Gallery

All registered artists can create their own public Blockchain-Certified portfolio or gallery

Certify Digital Art

The sources of all art creations are time-stamped in the Waves Blockchain to prove paternity.

Tokenize and Sell Art

Set the number of editions and put them up for sale. For each edition sold, a unique NFT will be created by the Smart Contract.


Browse Artist Galleries

Browse and discover artist profiles and enjoy their public galleries and creations.

Collect your favorite NFTs

Found the artwork you love? Buy it! The NFT will instantly be credited into your WAVES account.

Display your collection

Anyone can visit your collection and in the near future, send you a buy offer. A secondary market is also on its way!

Discover the
crypto art world!



Display and/or tokenize your digital creation on SIGN Art.

A WAVES account is required. On the SIGN Art application, click on the upper right “Log In” icon to create a new Waves Account, as an Artist.

Once approved, you will be able to manage your profile, add and tokenize all your digital creations!



No registration required for NFT Collectors!

A WAVES account is required. On the SIGN Art application, click on upper right “Log In” icon to create a new Waves Account, as a Collector.

While logged in, you will have access to your NFT collection and display publicly. Transfer of NFT feature is also available!


NOTICE: SIGN Art is currently in early access and only 10 to 20 artists are added every week.
Track your application status



SIGN Art is a web gallery for Waves Blockchain certified Digital Art and a marketplace for NFTs. Artists can create a portfolio of digital creations, tokenize and sell NFTs. Collectors can buy NFTs and display NFT-collection.
NFT, also known as a “Non Fungible Token” is a unique cryptographic token which represents ownership of a digital asset. Artists create a single or limited copies of their creation, therefore, creating scarcity and value. NFT can be generated to show ownership, establishing the creator of the artwork as the issuer of the NFT. The possession of the artwork and the NFT means a verified and undisputable transfer of ownership and the corresponding value.
The Waves Blockchain is highly scalable and offers instant transactions at a low cost of >$0.01, which is a great advantage in the NFT Art Industry.
Currently it’s not possible to sell physical art on SIGN Art in an official way.
All Artists are required to certify the source of their creations in order to prove authenticity. The hash ID of the source file will be publicly stored in the blockchain, with a timestamp. No file is uploaded or stored, file hash is calculated locally on client side.
SIGN Art data are stored using the blockchain and IPFS. All files submitted by users are stored on IPFS.
You will gain the ownership of the full HD export of the Art, as well as the license and the NFT. The NFT will be added to your collection in your profile. You can transfer this NFT to other people, and in the near future resell it on the secondary market.
You will find educational guides on youtube channel


On the SIGN Art application, go to the upper right corner icon and click on "Log In", then follow the account creation process, or select an account if you already have one on the. Accounts are linked to the waves.exchange, learn more about account creation here.

Always backup your account passphrase (seed) if you choose a SEED account as clearing your browser cache will also clear the saved account.
Go to waves.exchange and login. Go to Account Settings > Security, and securely save your seed phrase. The seed will be the access to your account, once removed from your browser local storage.
Artists can submit an application to gain access to the platform by using the following form:


** SIGN Art is currently in pre-launch and only 10 artists are added every 10 days until full opening
Registered artists can submit an additional application to get APPROVED, using the following form:


** SIGN Art is currently in pre-launch and only 10 artists are added every 10 days until full opening
Management of funds can be done on Waves.exchange. SIGN Art uses the same account which you have in waves.exchange. If you do not have a waves.exchange account before signing up to SIGN Art, the platform will automatically generate one for you on your first log in. Reminder to save your seed! You can transfer and trade your funds on the waves.exchange.
Go to waves.exchange and click on Get Started> Create a Password> Import Accounts> Seed or Key. Enter your seed and continue.
In some very rare cases, an HTTPError prevents an artist from uploading their creation to the IPFS node, it is due to something blocking the connection to the IPFS Node from the artist's side.

Here is a list of different options that may resolve the issue:

  • Check your upload speed (Slow upload under 2Mb is often the reason of HTTPError)
  • Clear your browsing data (make sure you save your waves account seed)
  • Clear Chrome/Brave Host Cache (go to chrome://net-internals/#dns then click "Clear host cache"
  • Temporarily Disable your AntiVirus
  • Temporarily Disable your Firewall
  • Temporarily Disable your VPN
  • Temporarily Disable any browser extensions that could be interfering
  • Try a non Chromium browser (Opera or Edge)
  • Try using a different device or internet network to identify if the issue is related to your device or your provider.
You can also read more about this problem here and here


SIGN Art takes a 7% commission on all successful sales that occur using $SIGN tokens, while 10% commission on sales that occur using $USDN and $WAVES.
SIGN Art takes a $1 fee in SIGN tokens to certify and mint an artwork (with up to 10 editions) on the platform.
SIGN is a utility token across all Signature Chain products and services, including SIGN Art, SIGN Web App and all future services.
SIGN can be purchased on the waves.exchange, swop.fi and STEX.com. To find a detailed guide on how to purchase SIGN using the waves.exchange find the following guide:
You can see the complete details of the transaction fees and service fee on the following image: Fee detail
SIGN Art verifies that the social media accounts used by the applicant are indeed their accounts. For this we require them to reach out to us from one of these accounts or to add a message explicitly stating they are applying to SIGN Art. There is no identity check and collectors should always do their own research before buying from an artist.